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  • eg. state the name of the medication, side effects. Includes asthma puffers, nebulisers etc
  • Eg: Disability, wearing glasses, recent injuries/sicknesses, custody arrangements etc

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  • We have two facebook pages – an open page entitled ‘Helen Clark School of Dancing’ and a closed page entitled ‘Helen Clark School of Dancing Team’. We use the open facebook page for publicity and promotional purposes. The closed page is only accessible by staff, teachers and members of the dancing school. We use the closed facebook page to convey information and reminders about upcoming events (all important information is also emailed), report on students’ progress and display fun class photos and hilarious moments. If you are on facebook, it is strongly recommended that you join both facebook pages. So that we can monitor and maintain our high level of privacy on the closed facebook page please provide the name/s of the parents or guardians that will be joining the closed facebook page:

  • Each year we hold an end of year concert. Photographs of all students are displayed in the concert program and associated materials. The concert is also filmed by a professional filming company. If you want your child to be involved in the end of year concert you must indicate your permission below.
    *NOTE: Concert Photos (including videos) may be used for future promotional material


  • The personal information we collect from you will be used to perform all administrative functions associated with your child being involved in dancing classes, activities and events conducted by Helen Clark School of Dancing. It will also be used to ensure that your child has a safe and enjoyable time. Failure to supply the information will limit our ability to provide a safe and enjoyable environment. Health information will be used solely to ensure your child receives optimum health care. If we want to use this information for any other purpose, we will ask for you consent.